Omica Complete Shower Filter System – Chrome Finish

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Water By Omica Complete Shower Filter System | Chrome Finish

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The Water By Omica Complete Shower Filter System…
We know that whatever touches our skin can absorb into the body. And that our city water is loaded with harmful additives such as chlorine and other pollutants. But did you know your skin absorbs the same amount of chlorine and other byproducts in one shower as drinking 8 full glasses of chlorinated water?

Water By Omica’s Complete Shower Filter System is the solution – filtering the water of chlorine, pollutants and inorganic substances, making for a healthier you.

Begin enjoying the many health and beauty benefits, including smoother, healthier skin and softer hair. You’ll feel the synergy the moment your shower begins…

Omica’s integrated, proprietary shower filtration system is cutting edge. Our filter uses the oxidation reduction process known as “redox” (an electro-chemical reaction) to transfer electrons between chlorine molecules, thus converting the structure of harmful chlorine into harmless chloride ions that wash safely down the drain. Reducing harmful contaminants, chlorine, sulfur odor and scale.

Unique and Rare filtration media includes:
• Shungite (Rare Carbon Mineral)
• Activated Coconut Carbon
• Clinoptilolite Powder
• Zinc and Copper Cluster
• Virgin Quartz Crystals

The Complete Shower Filter System includes our acclaimed, perfectly-angled shower head, a matching 5-ft flexible hose of durable interlocking construction with silicone inner lining (no plastic or PVC), matching wall-mount with built in hook for regular shower or hand-held use, and our advanced water filter.

Available in Chrome or Natural Brass finish, our shower system is made of solid, rust-free and corrosion-resistant brass components for years of showering comfort.

Brass has long lived up to its reputation as one of the best plumbing materials available, having outperformed other metals for centuries. This durable metal is highly resistant to corrosion; plus brass doesn’t rust, staying strong against these two main causes of plumbing wear and tear.

Our matching shower hose is made of durable, flexible, interlocking construction with a food-grade silicone inner lining. We do not use plastics or PVC, which are petroleum-based and affect the memory of water. Both plastics and PVC leach chemicals (such as phthalates) into the water. PVC is also the only common plastic that contains chlorine, listed by the US Federal Government as an “extremely hazardous substance.” Vinyl chloride, the building block of PVC, is considered a carcinogen by the US Government National Toxicology Program.

Silicone is the safest option – which is why we use premium quality, food-grade silicone to line our shower tubing, and the reason we provide silicone washers with all of our components.

• Removes Chlorine, Pollutants, Sulfur Odor, Scale, Debris and Contaminants.
• Helps Restore the Natural Integrity of your Water.
• Experience Softer, Cleaner, Healthier Skin and Silkier Hair.
• Ideal for Color-Treated Hair. Say Goodbye to Synthetic Conditioners!
• Reduces Scale Build-up on Tile and Glass.

• Uniquely Designed with No Cartridge to Allow 30% More Filtration Media.
• Twice the Filtration Media of other Shower Filters.
• Filter Housing is of Safe, Non-Pigmented BPA-Free Plastic.
• Flow Rate 2.0 GPM (Conserving Water and Energy).
• Proudly Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Third-party lab results show that the Omica Shower Filter reduces up to 99% of chlorine in the water.

GallonsFlow RateAdded ChlorineRemaining ChlorineChlorine Removal %
1,0002.46 gpm2.40 mg/L0.03 mg/L99%
2,0002.48 gpm2.03 mg/L0.05 mg/L98%
3,0002.44 gpm1.99 mg/L0.10 mg/L95%
7,0002.51 gpm2.05 mg/L0.18 mg/L91%
10,0002.51 gpm2.11 mg/L0.21 mg/L90%

Water By Omica Organics is dedicated to providing you and your family with the best water available.

Feel free to contact us directly for more information about this and any other product:
1-800-613-6311 (toll free), or [email protected]

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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Water By Omica Shower Filter (Cartridge Free) – 1 pc
— Safe, Non-Pigmented, BPA-Free Housing.

Shower Filter Media:
— Shungite (Rare Carbon Mineral)
— Activated Coconut-Shell Carbon
— Micronized Clinoptilolite Powder
— Zinc and Copper Cluster (US-Produced)
— Virgin Quartz Crystals

Solid Brass, Angled Hand-Held Shower Head with Chrome Finish – 1 pc

Solid Brass, Shower Wall Mount with Chrome Finish – 1 pc

Solid Brass, Flexible Shower Hose with Chrome Finish | 5ft – 1 pc
— Features PVC and petroleum-free, safe food-grade silicone and vortexing action to charge and energize the water.

PVC and petroleum-free, safe food-grade silicone washers are included within each fitting.

Teflon Tape

Installation Instructions


Installs in minutes – simply screw into place!

Standard 1/2″ pipe thread fits most shower connections in the U.S, Canada and Mexico.

Installation instructions are on the back of the label, and can be previewed on the Omica Organics website.

We suggest the filter be replaced after 8-10 months or 10,000-12,000 gallons (depending on your usage).


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