Omica Angled Shower Head | Solid Brass with Chrome Finish

$50.95 (MSRP)

Solid Brass Angled Shower Head, Chrome Finish (for use with shower hose).

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This Solid Brass Shower Head is angled perfectly for use with the Natural Brass Wall-Mount and Natural Brass Shower Hose in Omica’s hand-held showering system.

Why Are Solid Brass Fittings More Desirable?

For many reasons, brass has long lived up to its reputation as one of the best plumbing materials available, having outperformed other metals for centuries. This copper-zinc alloy is highly durable, doesn’t easily disintegrate or crack, and can retain its beauty for many years

It’s the best-suited metal for showers, in particular, because brass can withstand high temperatures, and has excellent conductivity (retaining the water’s heat). Brass is more malleable than iron or steel without losing its durability, making it perfect in situations where a tight seal is a must.

Its high corrosion resistance becomes very important in areas where there are corrosive salts, minerals, and/or acids in the water. Plus, brass doesn’t rust. Since rust and corrosion are the main causes of plumbing wear and tear, it makes sense that brass outlasts all other metals when used in this way.

Includes a stainless steel mesh disk
Finish: Natural Brass
Material: Solid Brass
Length: 195mm


1 hand-held shower head



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