Vortex Copper Vitalizer Wands – 2 Pack

$93.60 (MSRP)

An exceptionally special and unique item – the handcrafted vitalizer wand. Includes one each High Frequency and Low Frequency.

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Includes 1 High Frequency Vitalizer and 1 Low Frequency Vitalizer per order.

Omica Organics’ Copper Vortex Vitalizers include the prized mineral Shungite, a rare source of fullerenes – an exotic form of carbon. Its high absorption and electromagnetic shielding properties uniquely interact with the water for enhanced filtration. These wands ffer a range of uses, both practical and esoteric…

Applications include protection from electromagnetics, negate and clean water memory, garden and greenhouse uses, balancing vibrational energy, opening portals and more.

Carefully handcrafted natural copper, packed with activated Shungite that helps reduce electromagnetics, radiation and negative energy present in your water and environment.

WandS measure 12″ x 3/4″ diameter.

Can be placed around your property perimeter, near your computer monitor, or carried with you. Electromagnetic protection is only one of many ways the vitalizer may be used.

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All the stuff included with the package.

Protective Box and Cover for Water Filtration System – 1 pc

Water Filtration Cartridges:
— 1st Filter: Spun PP Filter Cartridge (w/ 1 micron filter)
Removes larger particles suspended in water such as sand, dirt, rust and colloids.

— 2nd Filter: GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) Cartridge 1
Removes chlorine, VOC organic matter, particulates, odor and turbidity.

— 3rd Filter: GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) Cartridge 2
Removes chlorine, VOC organic matter, particulates, odor and turbidity.

— 4th Filter: Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cartridge
Removes bacteria, viruses, antibiotics, heavy metals, dissolved matter and salinity.

— 5th Filter: Omica Organics Alkaline Cartridge (proprietary)
Re-introduces ionized minerals to the water, including Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. Proprietary medium removes acids, improves taste and vitality properties to your water.

— 6th Filter: T33 Polishing Filter Cartridge
Final stage purification step and further improves taste.

Water Feed Hoses:Omica Box
White (water feed line) – 1 pc
Red (RO waste water drain) – 1 pc

Kitchen Faucet Diverter with Adapters – 1 pcOmica Kitchen Faucet Diverter

Cross Handle Faucet with Lock Nut – 1 pc

Faucet Washers:
— metal base escutcheon plate – 1 pc
— large base rubber gasket/washer – 1 pc
— small rubber gasket/washer (under sink) – 1 pc
— medium black locating washer (under sink) – 1 pc
— small metal lock washer (under sink) – 1 pc

Flexible Brass Hose with PVC-Free Silicone Lining – 1 pc

Faucet Wall Mount Bracket (plastic) – 1 pc

Feed Water Valve – 1 pc (Undersink Models – Items #832, 833)

– 2 pcs each

Metal Wall Mounting Bracket – 1 pc

Mounting Screws with Wall Anchors – 8 pcs of each

Housing Wrench – 1 pc

Hose Clips – 2 pcs

Teflon Tape – 1 pc

Manual – 1 pc



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